Happy Clients

Jamie is a reliable and inventive soul, and the sense of trust she creates is such a reassuring thing.
— Kori G., San Francisco, California

What is Jamie at HCC to me? A life-saver! 

I have been working with Jamie in various capacities for over seven years. When she started HCC, I knew she would be of great help to me at the start-up at which I managed operations. As had always been the case, Jamie took on any and all projects assigned with calm and grace and little instruction. She figured out efficient ways in which to get things completed, all within budget. She remains a valuable resource to that company.

When my husband and I made a decision to accept a job opportunity overseas, Jamie was instrumental in helping us accomplish a myriad of tasks that were required. These tasks were time-sensitive and varied from administrative to physical. Jamie helped us keep on top of these things during what was a very stressful time for my husband and me. Jamie continues to be a fantastic resource and assists us with all things stateside while we are abroad. Jamie’s flexibility, technical and organizational skills, promptness and can-do-it attitude are invaluable.

We have recommended Jamie and her services to several close friends and colleagues. We will continue to do so, as anyone would be fortunate to have her assistance!

— Ellie W., Paris, France

Jamie helps us out with things as varied as planning travel, getting shoes mended, getting odd pieces of equipment from hardware stores, renewing books from libraries, ordering stuff online, returning stuff that doesn’t work, filing health care claims and so forth—those things that take us away from time with our kids. Having her come once a week really keeps the to-do lists from building up. 

Over my next break, Jamie is going to help me rebuild my website and re-shelve the bookcase that’s gotten out of control during the semester. She’s taken stuff to goodwill, figured out how to dispose of paint in an ecological manner, and helped me argue down overblown cell phone charges. She built grading sheets for end of term so that I can just get down to grading. Basically, Jamie is awesome at doing the stuff I no longer have full bandwidth for. She’s fast and super efficient.

For me, this investment is worth as much as childcare, because it means I’m more focused on the substantive part of my work when I work, and also on my son when I’m home.

Jamie is super cool and unfailingly cheerful. She makes being a perfectionist not look stressful. I highly recommend her.

— Alice T., El Cerrito, California

A number of years ago, Jamie worked for me as an executive assistant in my small consulting firm. She ran the business side of things, doing everything from basic accounting, bill paying, travel arrangements, and meeting planning, to drafting correspondence and supporting our clients. She organized the firm’s move and set up our new offices—right down to building new shelving in the closets. There wasn’t much she couldn’t do—and she did it with efficiency and good humor.

Recently I hired Jamie again, this time to help me with a number of tasks in my new home. She unpacked a room full of boxes, filled my book shelves, and put together a liveable room. She set up my new computer and transferred all the files from the old one. She designed and put together a filing system for my bills and sorted and filed two-years-worth of records. She did a fabulous job.

You won’t be disappointed if you hire Herding Cats Concierge. Jamie is honest, fair, thorough, dedicated, and she’s an organizational wizard.

— Becky R., Ashland, Oregon

Jamie is a joy to work with; she helped us through a set of complicated family affairs with calm and tact, showing her knack for organization and an ability to chase down and tackle issues independently.

— Matt G., Oakland, California


Jamie has been a breath of fresh air every time she comes to the office. She helps me stay organized and prepared for any administrative or facility-related task that will need my attention in the near future. No job is too small or big, and that’s just the attitude every assistant needs! She’s up for any challenge no matter if she’s familiar with it or not, and she makes me laugh in the process. What she knows, she does well and what she doesn’t, she will surely figure it out.

Jamie is a reliable and inventive soul, and the sense of trust she creates is such a reassuring thing. I’ve been fortunate enough to use her services and will continue to do so as well as recommend to anyone who needs a helping hand!

— Kori G., San Francisco, California

We have several rental properties in the Bay Area but are based in Europe for work. Jamie helps us immensely by serving as our local contact for our tenants, fielding calls about issues, coordinating repairs and keeping an eye on our real estate. She’s fast, efficient and friendly! We love working with her because we know that when she’s managing something it will be done well and on schedule. 

She’s also helped us personally by sending our Christmas cards to our US based friends and family. She didn’t bat an eye at expanding her responsibilities to include this very helpful (to us) task. I echo the sentiments that others have shared: Jamie is a trustworthy assistant and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.

— Lisa W., Blonay, Switzerland

It is difficult to find a person who has the combination of both technical and interpersonal skills, who actually executes and gets the job done in a pleasurable way. Jamie is just that person. She had to deal with me and my colleague to develop a website for our fledgling business. She did so quickly, accurately and affordably. Talk about herding cats! I have only praise and gratitude for Jamie and plan to use her services again.

— Hillel K., San Diego, California

I had the pleasure of working with Jamie over the past few months and really appreciated her services. Jamie was terrific to work with. She was prompt, reliable, knowledgeable, and able to take on everything I threw at her. Having Jamie's support was really the only thing holding me together.

— Dawn D., San Rafael, California


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